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What's the Future of Fintech? Delving Into Digital Transformation with Scott Bales

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 16 Nov 18

The world of fintech is forever evolving with new technologies and changing consumer behaviours and expectations.

So we asked thought leader Scott Bales, best seller author and digital transformation advocate, to delve a little deeper into what the future could look like. 

"Everything from AI driven on-boarding, to insights engines, dynamic risk scoring and the development of regional utilities for non-competitive functions will make a vital part of the virtual banks and fintech that thrive in the coming years." 

Read on to find out more.

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Q&A with Fred Schebesta, Finder's co-founder

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 31 Aug 18

The passion and drive to turn ideas into a reality and an understanding of how businesses work and evolve - these are the perfect ingredients to success. 

We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Fred Schebesta, co-founder of Finder, and a few more ventures you are soon to discover. He shared his journey and some great insights into the crypto world.

"If an innovation is truly good, it is going to stick around despite initial apprehension."

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Delving into Comprehensive Credit Reporting - Q&A with Experian

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 3 Jul 18

You might have heard about the changes to the Australia's credit reporting system, coming into effect in July 2018. A hot topic of conversation in the financial space, with many layers, so we thought we would break it down for you. 

We had a chat with Tristan Taylor, General Manager of Credit Services at Experian Australia/New Zealand, who shared some insights and delved into what it really means for you.

"The introduction of CCR is an overwhelmingly beneficial change for Australian borrowers, so it’s important they understand how today’s decisions, such as making credit repayments on time, can have an impact on their credit scores".

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Supporting National Finance Brokers Day on 15 August

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 28 Jun 18

We love to bring the human element to the financial process and introduce you to the brokers behind the platform, working hard to get you great rates.

We also want to introduce you to National Finance Brokers Day (NFBD), which was established in 2015, held on the 15 August, with the ambition to promote awareness so that you, as consumers, can have a clearer understanding of the benefits brokers offer.

We interview the founder of NFBD, Dino Pacella, and ask him a little about the industry and his aspirations around the day.

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We Don’t Affect Your Credit File - EVER

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 6 Jun 18

Did you know that when you apply for a loan or a credit card this gets lodged on your Credit File? So every time you apply for the loan, get rejected or default on a loan this impacts your credit worthiness.

However at Lodex, you can test the market, risk free. As many times as you like.

We did a Q&A with our super credit file guru and founder, Bill, to give you a greater insight into how we empower you. 

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Q&A with Rebecca Mitchell, Financial Service Provider on the Lodex Panel

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 18 May 18

We love sharing great tips on how you can best manage your finances. We have teamed up with a number of partners and financial service providers to connect you with the right solutions.

We had a great chat with Rebecca Mitchell from Awesome Lending Solutions, a financial service provider on our panel. Following  she shares a bit about her story and some cool tips for you.

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Topics: Q&A - Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

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