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Life Hack - 3 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Posted by Marina Stedile on 10 Sep 18

Happy Monday all.

Now, we all know it can be overwhelming on a Monday to see our huge to-do-list. So to kick off the week we collected three tips to help you master your task list and have a super productive week.


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NSW Life Hack - New "Slow Down" Traffic Rule

Posted by Lodex on 31 Aug 18

If you are driving in NSW, you need to be mindful of a new rule coming in place this Saturday, 1 September.

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Humpday Hack - Tips on Success and Building Good Habits

Posted by Lodex on 29 Aug 18

We all know how easy it is to get into bad habits that don't let us move forward. We also know that small changes can have a big impact on our lives. 

So we looked for some tips, and inspo on this hump day, to help you overcome some of the common pitfalls many of us encounter. 

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How Would Higher Mortgage Rates Impact the Housing Market?

Posted by Lodex on 28 Aug 18

Will the property prices decrease? Are interest rates going to increase? What will happen to the property market? Should I buy or not? That's the big question most Aussies ask themselves. 

Our friends a CoreLogic conducted a research and market analysis and created a report delving into the property market and mortgage rates. Check it out to understand a little bit more.

"Increasingly over recent years the mortgage lending environment and the rate of escalation in dwelling values, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne has been called out by the RBA as risks to the financial stability of the Australian economy."

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The Why and Whens of Personal Loans, Overdrafts and Credit Cards

Posted by Lodex on 21 Aug 18

When it comes to credit, there are sooo many options and most of us get confused with what will our situation fit better. 

Thanks to our friends at Gateway Bank, we are sharing a quick guide on Personal Loans, Overdrafts and Credit Cards - the differences, the pros and the cons. Happy reading.

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In the Media - The Marketplace Helping the Ones Left Behind

Posted by Lodex on 31 Jul 18

Searching for a loan can be quite a stressful event in someone's life. Where to start? Are you getting the best options in the market?

The Big Smoke shared this beautiful piece on how the Lodex marketplace can help you on your loan journey. Check it out.

"There are those who follow the system, and there are those who change it. Lodex is the latter, bringing a freedom to personal finance that has no peer.

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How to Lower your Mortgage with a Redraw Facility

Posted by Lodex on 30 Jul 18

A mortgage is a longterm commitment and its repayments can take a large share of your income. So if you had the chance to shorten the amount or the term of your mortgage, why not check if that option fits you? 

Check out this great advice from Gateway how building up a savings buffer using a redraw facility can be a good strategy for saving money while also helping to pay off your home loan quicker.

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Working Parents - Surviving School Holidays

Posted by Marina Stedile on 12 Jul 18

At Lodex we aim to make your life easier. Well at least give you some tips and tricks at least!

This week we're sharing a few tips from Optimal Recruitment for working parents who can struggle a tad during school holidays. Check it out! Do you have any tips to share with parents over the holidays?

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Buying a New Car? 3 Tips to Help You Save Money

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 10 Jul 18

We are always searching for tips to help you with your loan or deposit journey. Today, we wanted to give you some tips if you are looking to buy a new car. We all love that new car feeling, especially when you know you have found a great deal. So, with these three hacks from Aussie Finance Blog and the chance to auction your car loan on the Lodex Marketplace, you are onto a winner.  

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Home Loan Basics: Security and LVR explained

Posted by Marina Stedile on 3 Jul 18

Taking a new loan, especially a mortgage, is an extremely big decision. It's important to check the details of the different products and offers you receive, and how it can affect your finances and repayments.

To help you through this journey, we have organised a series of blog posts explaining what all the often confusing terminology means. We hope this makes things a little bit easier.

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