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Is Banking Size a Liability in the Blockchain Era?

Posted by Lodex on 10 Jan 19

Size gives some Banks great power today and size looks like an obvious asset on a balance sheet. However, in the network and tech age, can their size actually be a liability? 

Below are some insights into the threats that can disrupt banking as we know. Read on to find out more.

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10 Technology and Finance Trends - 2019 and Beyond

Posted by Lodex on 4 Jan 19

Technology is changing the face of many industries and services - including finance. Over the last few years, IoT and new technologies combined with customer needs, have opened up space for disruption. We believe there is still a lot more to happen as fintechs emerge and AI and blockchain gain adoption.

So we wanted to share with you 10 tech and finance trends that can change the way we do finance in the near future. Happy reading!

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Disrupting Traditional Models

Posted by Lodex on 29 Dec 18

We love tech and its potential to improve and advance the way we live and work. Below is a piece Blockchain Australia published on how Lodex and BLOCKLOAN are reshaping the traditional credit model. Read on to find out more!

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APRA Removes Interest-Only Benchmark Cap

Posted by Lodex on 19 Dec 18

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has recently announced that from 1 January 2019 it will abolish the 30% cap introduced to ADIs (Deposit Taking Institutions) for interest-only lending. 

The 30% limit was temporarily introduced in 2017 with the aim to re-enforce responsible lending practices and to protect consumers. 

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Fewer Aussies Visiting Bank Branches - Roy Morgan

Posted by Lodex on 14 Dec 18

A new research from Roy Morgan found out that the number of Aussies using the services offered in banks' branches has been decreasing over the years. Read on to find out more.

  • Average number of Australians using bank branches has dropped by 27.2 per cent over the past four years.
  • Internet banking remains the most popular banking channel with 47.1 per cent of consumers using the service
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5 Trends for the Future of Digital Payments

Posted by Lodex on 12 Dec 18

With increasing adoption of new technologies and focus on efficiency, the payments industry is rapidly changing to adapt to new consumers' behaviours and needs.

Read on to find out more about the trends that should shift the banking and payments scene by 2020.

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Economists Flag Risks of Tighter Lending

Posted by Lodex on 7 Dec 18
  • A survey responded by economists found that 94% of the respondents believe that tighter access to credit could be detrimental to the overall economy
  • However, in the long term, some economists say tighter lending could be beneficial to economic stability 
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What do Aussies Expect From Peer-to-Peer Lenders?

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 9 Nov 18

As it becomes harder to borrow from traditional sources like banks and credit unions, more and more Aussies are considering alternatives like peer-to-peer lending.

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Is Non-Bank Lending Increasing?

Posted by Lodex on 7 Nov 18

According to major consulting firms PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and EY, non-bank lenders have been taking a bigger piece of the pie due to their innovative and competitive offers.

Read more as Mortgage Business reports on the firms' findings on lending market shares and regulations.

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Home Values Lowest Since 2012 - CoreLogic

Posted by Lodex on 2 Nov 18

Will home values continue to decrease? CoreLogic, Lodex's Property Report partner, has some insights from its home value index. Find out more below.

Home values have continued to fall, driven by declines in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, against a backdrop of falling housing approvals, according to research from CoreLogic and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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