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Checklist for Choosing a Home Loan

Posted by Lodex on 25 Oct 18

A home loan is a long commitment, so it is important to ensure you're ticking all boxes for your ideal home loan. Here are some tips of what to look for when choosing a home loan. 

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10 Tips For Getting a Mortgage Approved

Posted by Lodex on 25 Oct 18

You finally found the property of your dreams? Well, if you will start looking for a loan, it is important to make things right to help secure your mortgage. 

Below are 10 tips we gathered to help you get your mortgage approved.

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9 Tips When Buying a Home

Posted by Lodex on 24 Oct 18

Buying a home is a major decision, so we wanted to help you out through the journey and boost your confidence with these 9 tips.


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10 Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Mortgage Sooner

Posted by Lodex on 21 Sep 18

Looking forward to the day your mortgage will not take a share of your income anymore?Following are some great tips from Your Loan Hub that can help you pay off your mortgage faster.

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Home Loan Basics: What is Fixed Interest Rate?

Posted by Marina Stedile on 12 Jul 18

With interest rates at an all-time low, taking the option of locking in an interest rate on your home loan to guard yourself against possible future fluctuation may be attractive. However, it pays to know the ins and outs of fixed-rate loans before committing to one. Thanks to our friends at MFAA, here is a little detail about how fixed interest loan works.

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Home Loan Basics: Security and LVR explained

Posted by Marina Stedile on 3 Jul 18

Taking a new loan, especially a mortgage, is an extremely big decision. It's important to check the details of the different products and offers you receive, and how it can affect your finances and repayments.

To help you through this journey, we have organised a series of blog posts explaining what all the often confusing terminology means. We hope this makes things a little bit easier.

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Understanding Which Home Loan Features Are Right for You 

Posted by Lodex on 20 Mar 18
At Lodex we are all about giving you the tools to make better decisions.  Following are some fantastic tips from Your Loan Hub around understanding different Home Loan features.
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