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Why Should You Be Aware of Your Credit Score?

Posted by Lodex on 12 Nov 18

Your credit score is an important (or one of the main) considerations that can impact a lender's decision when you apply for credit.

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Is Non-Bank Lending Increasing?

Posted by Lodex on 7 Nov 18

According to major consulting firms PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and EY, non-bank lenders have been taking a bigger piece of the pie due to their innovative and competitive offers.

Read more as Mortgage Business reports on the firms' findings on lending market shares and regulations.

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Why You Should Care About Positive Credit Reporting

Posted by Lodex on 5 Nov 18

With CCR (comprehensive credit reporting) already in place, it is important to know what can impact your credit score moving forward. 

Below we take you through some quick info on the importance of being aware of your score and how positive data can impact your next credit application.

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Home Values Lowest Since 2012 - CoreLogic

Posted by Lodex on 2 Nov 18

Will home values continue to decrease? CoreLogic, Lodex's Property Report partner, has some insights from its home value index. Find out more below.

Home values have continued to fall, driven by declines in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, against a backdrop of falling housing approvals, according to research from CoreLogic and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Car Loan Flex Commissions Come To An End

Posted by Lodex on 1 Nov 18

Up until today, if you were looking for a car loan, you might have been offered a higher interest rate than you could (or should) have received. 

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What Are the Benefits of Positive Credit Reporting?

Posted by Lodex on 29 Oct 18

You probably heard about positive (or comprehensive) credit reporting - but what is the difference and the advantages compared to negative credit reporting? 

Below are some of the key benefits for consumers and lenders. 

Under the positive credit reporting system, when you apply for credit, lenders you have authorised to do so can see if you have been repaying your credit card, personal loans or mortgages on time over a period of up to 24 months, including when you have paid off a credit account. How does positive credit reporting help borrowers?

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Checklist for Choosing a Home Loan

Posted by Lodex on 25 Oct 18

A home loan is a long commitment, so it is important to ensure you're ticking all boxes for your ideal home loan. Here are some tips of what to look for when choosing a home loan. 

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10 Tips For Getting a Mortgage Approved

Posted by Lodex on 25 Oct 18

You finally found the property of your dreams? Well, if you will start looking for a loan, it is important to make things right to help secure your mortgage. 

Below are 10 tips we gathered to help you get your mortgage approved.

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9 Tips When Buying a Home

Posted by Lodex on 24 Oct 18

Buying a home is a major decision, so we wanted to help you out through the journey and boost your confidence with these 9 tips.


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What is Comprehensive Credit Reporting?

Posted by Lodex on 22 Oct 18

You might have heard that Australia has now a comprehensive (positive) credit reporting system. But what does that mean?

Here is a quick explanation on what changes from a negative to a positive credit reporting. Happy reading!

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