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10 Tips For Getting a Mortgage Approved

Posted by Lodex on 25 Oct 18

You finally found the property of your dreams? Well, if you will start looking for a loan, it is important to make things right to help secure your mortgage. 

Below are 10 tips we gathered to help you get your mortgage approved.

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9 Tips When Buying a Home

Posted by Lodex on 24 Oct 18

Buying a home is a major decision, so we wanted to help you out through the journey and boost your confidence with these 9 tips.


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What is Comprehensive Credit Reporting?

Posted by Lodex on 22 Oct 18

You might have heard that Australia has now a comprehensive (positive) credit reporting system. But what does that mean?

Here is a quick explanation on what changes from a negative to a positive credit reporting. Happy reading!

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In the Media: The Platform Putting You in Control

Posted by Lodex on 17 Oct 18

Up until recent times, if you were looking for financial products you would probably find yourself in the dark - no visibility of your credit score or data. Well, we believe it's time to give you the information you need to get on top of your finances. 

The Big Smoke shared the below story on how the Lodex marketplace can help you get back in control of your financial life. 

Happy reading!

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Lodex Announces Strategic Global Partnership with fivesquid

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 11 Oct 18

The fivesquid team were looking for strong financial partners to enable them to fulfill their credit scoring and micro loan products. Lodex was the answer.

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Interest Rate Increases - It's Time to Shop Around

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 13 Sep 18
As more and more banks announce interest rate increases, do you think it is time to see if you can get a better rate?
"I encourage anyone with a mortgage to shop around':
RBA governor plays down housing risks"
The  RBA Governor is even  encouraging you to shop around, so why not give the Lodex Marketplace a try, auction your home loan and let lenders and brokers bid for your business. 
More from the governor of the Reserve Bank on nine.com.au below.
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In the Media - The Marketplace Helping the Ones Left Behind

Posted by Lodex on 31 Jul 18

Searching for a loan can be quite a stressful event in someone's life. Where to start? Are you getting the best options in the market?

The Big Smoke shared this beautiful piece on how the Lodex marketplace can help you on your loan journey. Check it out.

"There are those who follow the system, and there are those who change it. Lodex is the latter, bringing a freedom to personal finance that has no peer.

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How to Lower your Mortgage with a Redraw Facility

Posted by Lodex on 30 Jul 18

A mortgage is a longterm commitment and its repayments can take a large share of your income. So if you had the chance to shorten the amount or the term of your mortgage, why not check if that option fits you? 

Check out this great advice from Gateway how building up a savings buffer using a redraw facility can be a good strategy for saving money while also helping to pay off your home loan quicker.

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News - The Inspiration behind the Idea - Chat with Greek Reporter

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 9 Jul 18

Mic and Bill, Lodex co-founders, have a big vision for the first online marketplace for loans and deposits. Bill had a great chat with the Greek Reporter, where they talked about where the idea came from and the journey so far. Check it out!

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Lodex API - Chat with Bill & Jodie from the Team

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on 6 Jul 18

At Lodex, we are always seeking new ways to bring value to you, our members and Financial Service Providers. We want to ensure we create the most seamless and secure experience possible. 

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