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12 Money-Saving Tips For Christmas

Posted by Lodex on 13 Nov 18

With Christmas just around the corner, we wanted to share some money tips to help you through the silly season. 

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Why You Should Care About Positive Credit Reporting

Posted by Lodex on 5 Nov 18

With CCR (comprehensive credit reporting) already in place, it is important to know what can impact your credit score moving forward. 

Below we take you through some quick info on the importance of being aware of your score and how positive data can impact your next credit application.

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Checklist for Choosing a Home Loan

Posted by Lodex on 25 Oct 18

A home loan is a long commitment, so it is important to ensure you're ticking all boxes for your ideal home loan. Here are some tips of what to look for when choosing a home loan. 

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Avoiding Popular Tax Deduction Misunderstandings

Posted by Lodex on 3 Oct 18

Have you lodged your tax return? After years of looking at big fish taxes, the ATO is now making clear that some of the commonly "small fish" claimed tax deductions will be thoroughly filtered and analysed.

Our friends at Nestegg collated some tips on how to avoid misinterpretation of some of the most popular tax deductions. Check below.

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Increase Your Savings and Super with This App

Posted by Lodex on 25 Sep 18

We love innovation, especially when it helps us manage our finances in a better and more efficient way. What if you could easily save little amounts and get return on it?

Our friends at Australian Fintech shared the below on Raiz, a new app that is helping Aussies to invest their savings and increase their super return.


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10 Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Mortgage Sooner

Posted by Lodex on 21 Sep 18

Looking forward to the day your mortgage will not take a share of your income anymore?Following are some great tips from Your Loan Hub that can help you pay off your mortgage faster.

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How to Budget in Simple Steps

Posted by Lodex on 19 Sep 18

The best way to achieve a goal is always to plan in advance. It's exactly the same with managing your finances, so we went to our friends at Gateway Bank who have pulled together some tips and apps, to help you plan and have some reserve cash for any surprises.

Enjoy their tips!

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Life Hack - 3 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Posted by Marina Stedile on 10 Sep 18

Happy Monday all.

Now, we all know it can be overwhelming on a Monday to see our huge to-do-list. So to kick off the week we collected three tips to help you master your task list and have a super productive week.


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NSW Life Hack - New "Slow Down" Traffic Rule

Posted by Lodex on 31 Aug 18

If you are driving in NSW, you need to be mindful of a new rule coming in place this Saturday, 1 September.

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Humpday Hack - Tips on Success and Building Good Habits

Posted by Lodex on 29 Aug 18

We all know how easy it is to get into bad habits that don't let us move forward. We also know that small changes can have a big impact on our lives. 

So we looked for some tips, and inspo on this hump day, to help you overcome some of the common pitfalls many of us encounter. 

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